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Typical Day - Little Tadpoles Room (Baby room)


The nursery opens at 7.30am and begins welcoming the little tadpoles for the day.

Children who are booked in for breakfast club (between 7.30-8.45) sit and enjoy cereal, toast and fruit.

Morning snack time will be served at approximately 9.30am. Children will sit together in age appropriate supported chairs and have a choice of fruits and a drink of milk or water, supported by the baby room team.

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Morning activity time will begin after snack time and activities will be planned based on key-persons observations of their children and will be a mix of adult led and child led experiences.

Babies will engage in mark making with chalks and crayons, painting with their hands  and paint brushes, collaging, malleable play with playdough, water play, puzzles, shape sorters, heuristic play with our beautiful treasure basket to name but a few activities that we offer. Babies have access to continuous provisions such as sand, books, dolls and teddies, our mouse house den, ball pool, bricks etc. 

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Activities will be set up in the spacious designated baby garden and children can access the indoor and outdoor areas.

Childrens nappies are changed by their key-worker to reinforce the key worker relationship.

The baby room team will then lead a singing and story, or music session with the babies before lunch is served.

We ensure children's own routines are followed here at Lilypads  and staff will place children for a sleep based on the routine that parents fill out upon enrolling. Children are checked on every 10 minutes.

Afternoon activity time will begin at about 1.00pm followed by afternoon snack, activity time, garden play, nappy time, another singing or music session before tea is served at 4.00pm.

After tea, nappies will be changed again by key persons and children will have free-play or garden play before saying goodbye for the day.

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Typical day - Frogs Room

(Pre-School Room) 


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