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Ofsted 2022 Report

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"Children excitedly wave goodbye to their parents as they are greeted by the incredibly nurturing staff, who know the children and parents very well. Babies and children are extremely sociable as they welcome visitors with a huge smile and initiate a friendly hug. Outdoor play is prioritised. Children love playing outside and exploring the natural environment. Children play games, test their physical limits, express themselves and build their self-confidence. For example, children show determination as they negotiate a winding balance beam. They develop their physical skills as they pull themselves up on to a big tyre. Children shout gleefully 'I did it' while taking a challenging leap off the tyre and reaching up to the sky.


Staff expertly support children's speech and language development. They introduce new vocabulary to children in a meaningful way, and their communication skills develop exceedingly well. Children sing their favourite nursery rhymes spontaneously and retell stories to their peers. Staff promote in-depth discussions that are age-appropriate and extend children's knowledge of the subject being taught. Staff respond to young children's first words exceptionally well. They respond to babies' babbles and gestures as they learn to communicate. All children make significant progress in their speech and language development."

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